Sketchnotes Take One: What do we already know?

We’ve started sketchnoting in SNC1DF in our Study of the Universe unit. For the first day, I introduced the concept of sketchnotes with help from Marie-Andree Ouimet & Joel Charlebois’ workshop¬†presentation.¬† After a quick introduction, I set the students on their first sketchnoting adventure: draw a sketchnote of what you already know about the universe.

I gave the students a list of key words and soon the markers were in hand.

Once completed, students uploaded their finished sketchnotes to a shared Google slides presentation. Here are some of the first few that were uploaded – aren’t they awesome?

Looking forward to seeing some of what comes next as we start into some new content. Tomorrow we start learning about the movement of the moon (did somebody say Oreo cookies?).